Insert molding is a metallurgical process where a thermoplastic is injected around the metal stamped part, to create a discrete mold. The process is used to combine metal and plastics in various proportions, or to simply combine different materials and components into a single unit. The process is used to engineer plastics, to make them lighter, wear-resistant and to give them increased tensile strength. These plastics, when combined with metals, also acquire more strength and conductivity.

As a global leader in insert molding, Creative Engineering Works has the capability to design, develop and deploy turnkey electronic packaging solutions, thanks to our proven expertise in the design and manufacturing of insert molding assemblies, along with our application of electronic packaging and connector technology.

Creative Engineering Works’s integrated insert molding capabilities enables us to produce a diverse portfolio of products for you such as automotive sensors, medical components, electrical connectors, and many other type of molded sub-assemblies.

We develop electronic packaging solutions for various sensors such as motion and pressure sensors, and diverse connector assemblies. Ours is a robust insert molding and tooling set up that delivers the best in quality to our customers at competitive prices.

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